Agbaou Gold Project – Cote D’Ivory, West Africa

WAY Electrical was tasked with suppling all electrical materials for installation of a new gold process plant in West Africa.

The scope of the works included reviewing all available electrical drawings that were issued at the time of procurement. Due to the shipping timeframes from Australia to Africa the total electrical design could not be completed before materials needed to be dispatched.

WAY was tasked with using our extensive experience on gold process plant to work closely with the client and the electrical consultant with available limited information to put together a materials list to ensure sufficient material would be dispatched to site to allow the installation to be completed on time.

While cable and equipment schedules were available, WAY had no information regarding site cable ladder or lighting requirements and was required to scope these activities and then document and purchase sufficient materials to allow the works to be executed.

Also undertaken was preparation and procurement of all site labels, cable numbers and cable wire numbers. These were purchased and sorted into files complete with individual cable termination sheets to ensure ease of use onsite during the installation phase.

WAY was also responsible for suppling sufficient plant, equipment and consumables for the local workforce to carry out the onsite electrical installation.

All materials were packed into containers with WAY responsible for the preparation of all export documentation and bills of loading.

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